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Tanzania NACS Training Manual for Community Care Providers in Kiswahili

14 June 2017

FANTA worked with the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre and PEPFAR Implementing Partners to develop a NACS training manual, comprising a Facilitator’s Guide and Participant Handouts. Written in Kiswahili for community care providers, the manual was used to train trainers working with the USAID/Tanzania’s flagship orphans and vulnerable children project, Pamoja Tuwalee (“Together We Care”).

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Reducing Malnutrition in Tanzania: Estimates to Support Nutrition Advocacy, Tanzania PROFILES 2014

8 June 2017

How would Tanzania benefit from improved nutrition between 2014 and 2025? FANTA facilitated a multi-stakeholder PROFILES process with the Tanzania Prime Minister’s Office, Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre, and other stakeholders to estimate the impact of improved nutrition. Results showed that high coverage of effective nutrition interventions would save 120,633 children from stunting-related deaths and gain US$39 billion in economic productivity.

Helping Children Recover from Malnutrition in Nampula Province

2 June 2017

Parents and caregivers in developing countries often face barriers that prevent their malnourished children from getting the care they need, including challenges related to logistics, cost, and social norms. In Mozambique’s Nampula Province, one malnourished child’s path to recovery—with support from FANTA and the local hospital—highlights the importance of addressing these barriers.

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Video: Why Is It Important to Prevent Early Childhood Malnutrition?

31 May 2017

Improved nutrition during a child’s first 1,000 days can prevent stunting and malnutrition. See the new video where Kavita Sethuraman, FANTA’s Senior Advisor, Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition, explains how.

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